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cube initialWho's that Pixel-Guy?

Axel Werner

Since the late 80s I've developed a passion for digital arts, starting on a Commodore C64 and Atari STs. I still remember my first 3D wireframe lathe object on the Atari, produced with some piece of odd software, can't remember the name anymore.

Later on I switched over to the PC platform with 3D Studio, leading to 3ds max today, and started to do freelance web design around the mid-90s.

Until 2007 I've been working for nearly 10 years for a TV Broadcasting Company named TVN here in Hanover as a graphics artist and for the last 6 years as the project manager of their Graphics | Digital Media Department.

At TVN I worked for industry clients like Volkswagen (including their own business TV), Continental, Komatsu, to name just a few.
I also lead projects for the majority of TV broadcasters, like RTL, SAT.1, NDR.
and public institutions, including BKA (Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office), Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus (German National Tourist Board).
And one client should not be forgotten: Hannover 96, our local premier league soccer club. We did their "Arena TV", the program for the stadium visitors.

For more information visit the TVN Website.